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Update 13/2/23: Please note - bank account details have changed.

Consultations with Peter Donn

Peter Donn offer private consultations face to face in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire or by Zoom / Skype or phone anywhere in the world.

His times (BST) are during the working week Monday to Friday, usually starting 11am, finishing by 6pm at the latest.

Peter has a special price on the first ever session for you to have an experience of EFT and decide if you wish to continue with further sessions.  The initial session is 1.5 hours in duration.

Follow-on sessions are 1 hour (most common) or 1.5 hours depending on personal preference.  Longer sessions allows time to cover more ground.

Booking Sessions

First email info@eft-courses.org.uk (or call or whatsApp 01923 260 050) indicating which days and times you can generally make, and Peter will get back to you with some next available appointment times.

If you can make one of the times, the time slot is held provisionally until the end of the day and must be paid during that time to confirm the session. If left until afterwards, please contact again to check if that time slot is still available before paying for it.

If your session is in-person, there is the option to pay by cash on the day, otherwise please do a bank transfer as described below by 48 hours before the session (or PayPal - see later) in order to confirm the appointment.

How to Make the Donation for the Session / Package

Donations are made through direct bank transfer or Paypal.

Bank Transfer details (use “Donation” in the reference)

Smile (part of the co-operative bank):

Sort code: 08-92-86

Acct: 08071824

Name: Peter Donn

Reference: “DONATION EFT Peter

International transfers:

Please note that you are responsible for any transaction / FX fees so kindly be sure the full amount is received by us.

Contact us for IBAN and / or SWIFT numbers.

PayPay Payment Option

You can pay by PayPal however there is an additional fee of 3% for European payments  (including the UK) or 5% elsewhere to cover transactions charges.

See the prices in the table above which show the price to include these charges.

How to pay by PayPal (important)

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. Select the SEND money option
  3. Choose subs_paypalhhh@donn.biz as the payer
  4. Enter the amount plus transaction fee as described above
  5. Where it says “What’s the payment for?” Put:
  6.  “Donation for EFT Session(s) with” and add “Peter Donn” or “Tamara Donn”), details about who the session for and the package size (if you have bought a package”

Cancellations / Rescheduling of Sessions and Packages

Cancellations of specific sessions

You can cancel or reschedule specific sessions as long as you give 72 hours notice, after which it is payable in full.  Refunds are subject to a £10 administration charge plus any transaction fees if applicable.

Cancellations of Packages

You can cancel packages at any time and you get your money back minus the number of hours of sessions you have had x the equivalent hourly rate of the package one down to the one chosen.  For example if you purchase a package of 6 hours of sessions and cancel after taking 3, the refund is the cost of the 6 hour package minus 3 hours of the per-hour rate of the 3-hour package.  This way you can buy a larger package just in case the extra time is needed, without fear of losing out.  There is a £10 administration charge to arrange a refund.  Any transaction charges are also deducted from the amount refunded.

Note that if you are on a package and have an upcoming session within 72 hours and wish to cancel or reschedule that, the “Cancellation of specific sessions” rules apply, described above.

Packages Expiry  / Conversion to Credit

Packages are intended as a series of sessions to address specific current issues or a series of issues, or to pave the way for success in a future intention, desired outcome or goal.  They are not intended as a “Carnet” of sessions to be used as and when in the future. Therefore they have an expiry time calculated as 3 weeks x the number of package session hours.

As an example, a 6-hour package has an expiry of 6 x 3 = 18 weeks after purchase.  After this time, the outstanding hours become a credit (calculated as per cancellation above) which can be used against anything we offer, including a new package, or a training (not including some retreats - please enquire).  Note that if the credit is used to purchase a new package that is subsequently cancelled (or partly cancelled) then the amount of that credit is non-refundable.

IMPORTANT: After a total of 12 months, any unused credit expires and cannot be used. Therefore please ensure you use it within 12 months of the purchase date.

Please note you are responsible for keeping track of expiry times.


Below are the donation amounts for sessions and packages - from a single session to a set of 12 hours of sessions.

After your initial session, it is usually recommended to take a package of sessions such as 3, 6 or 12 hours.  As well as being more cost-effective this also sets up a conscious commitment and subconscious intention and maintains momentum - all factors that increases chances of a highly successful outcome.  This can be discussed at the initial session.

Within a package of hours sessions can not be less than 1 hr.  Peter does, however, offer ‘phone-based “emergency sessions” pro-rata (rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes) at the full one-hour rate (not as part of any package you may be on).

Children - are charged at the same rate as adults.

Session and package prices

Nr of sessions required varies depending on issue(s) however approximately suitable for:

Donation (bank transfer with no fees)

Donation PayPal
UK or European /

First ever session (1.5 hours) - Special price

Initial session


£159.65 / £162.75

1 hr follow-on session

Very simple issue / phobia


£149.35 / £152.25

1.5 hr follow-on session

Simple issue / phobia


£224.03 / £228.38

Package of 3 hours of sessions
(3 x 1 hr or 2 x 1.5 hrs)

Session series


£417.15 / £425.25

Package of 6 hours of sessions
(6 x 1 hr or 4 x 1.5 hrs)

Session series


£815.76 / £831.60

Package of 12 hours of sessions
(12 x 1 hr or 8 x 1.5 hrs)

Core, complex, lifelong or serious physical issues. Can be paid in 2 instalments (2nd instalment payable after 4th hour is complete).


Can be paid in 2 instalments

£1582 / £1612.80

Can be paid in 2 instalments

Booking an EFT (Tapping) Consultation

Important: Before booking a consultation with Peter,

kindly first read here to check suitability.