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Retreat Prices and Booking

Included for all participants:

·         Snacks

·         Unlimited hot drinks

·         Lunch

·         Use of the fitness facilities (if you are staying the night) including gym, swimming pool, sauna.


Book Here:

The beautiful Horsley Park Devere Hotel, Surrey


Sat 3 Jan 2015, 10-7pm

*** Open to all ***
*** Price: £167 ***


We are delighted to welcome you on our EFT New Year’s Retreat on Sat 3 Jan 2015.

We have found a beautiful venue in Surrey which is conveniently located near the M25 and although this is a one-day retreat, you can optionally stay the night before or after.  We have negotiated a price of just £45 B&B for the room for a maximum of 2 people.

If you are staying the night (optional extra) you may use the fitness centre and swimming pool and this is the perfect place for beautiful local walks.


Key Features of this Retreat:


You may bring non-participant partners and any children (on the basis that they are able to keep themselves busy outside our room without your assistance as it is important your energy is focused on the workshop during session times).

What Will We Be Doing?

The timing and content of the retreat is subject to significant change as we will run this retreat based on the needs of participants.  However the following is an idea of what we will be doing:

Retreat Options

Staying The Night Before or After

You can book directly with the hotel (http://www.deverevenues.co.uk) if you wish to stay the night before or after.  We have negotiated a special rate of £45 per night bed and breakfast for the room which can be used for  up to 2 people.  01483 286518.

Breakfast on Arrival (please confirm with the hotel)

If you arrive early (7:30 to 8am) you can have breakfast at the hotel.  If you book by the night before (01494 545500) you can pre-purchase breakfast at £8.50.  Otherwise on the day it is £10.50.

Your Facilitators - Accredited AAMET EFT Masters Tamara & Peter Donn

Peter Donn is a trainer for the three largest EFT organisations (AAMET, EFTUniverse and The AMT), and has used EFT with his clients full time for over a decade. He has trained others to practitioner level over the past 7 years.  He brings warmth, humour and real-ness to his trainings and a genuine wish for others to live their highest experience of life.

Tamara Donn is an AAMET EFT trainer, advanced EFT practitioner and motherhood mentor, specialising in the use of EFT for women’s issues (as well as for general use).  She has been co-facilitating formal EFT trainings over the past 4 years. Tamara brings a passionate open-heartedness for helping others to her trainings, as well as a gentle energy for holding the space to allow others to unfold.

Cancellation Policy

The following are % refunds based on the notice given before cancellation.  It is assumed that the workshop is fully paid up.

Period of notice given: Cancellation fee

61-90 days:      35%

31-60 days:      45%

15-30 days:      65%

4-14 days:        90%

3 days or less: 100%





Venue Location

The address is: Ockham Road South, East Horsley, Surrey, KT24 6DT.

Venue details: http://www.deverevenues.co.uk/en/venues/hosley-park/

Venue photo gallery: http://www.deverevenues.co.uk/locations/horsley-park/gallery.html.



£147 for next 2 people to book!!!

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