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Template to record logged sessions.

These are used to record your 47  logged cases studies.  This is a PDF file with the same content on two sheets allowing you to  print one 2-sided letter-sized sheet each with  a template form.  CLICK HERE to download.

Requirements for EFTUniverse Certification

Full details of requirements for each of the EFTUniverse certification levels.  CLICK HERE for details.

Some books required for EFT practitioner certification

The EFT Comprehensive Resource Guide Level 1

The EFT Comprenehsive Resource Guide Level 2

The Clinical EFT Handbook Volume 1

Genie in Your Genes

Creating Healing Relationships

The Ethics Handbook

Upcoming EFT Universe trainings


Specialty Workshops (EFTUniverse)

Upcoming EFTUniverse Specialty workshops (which can count as the second Level 2 for certification as long as it is not taken with the same trainer). CLICK HERE for listings.

Ethics exam purchase

As part of certification you will need to complete an Ethics exam.  CLICK HERE for details and/or purchase.

EFT Intermediate practitioner test

This link allows details or purchase of the EFT Intermediate level practitioner test. CLICK HERE.

Gary Craig’s Latest Updated Video Library and EFT Products

These are Gary Craig’s official new video set which are the above videos revamped with new content and all accessible online. You are allowed to share your login details with others to spread the cost.  CLICK HERE to go to Gary’s site and navigate to the Art of Delivery videos and his other products.

Practitioner registration and listing purchase

Once you have fulfilled the EFT certification requirements, you need to purchase your practitioner registration to complete your certification.   This includes your first year’s listing fee.  You can do this here.

EFT Expert practitioner test

This link allows details or purchase of the EFT Expert level practitioner test. CLICK HERE.

Liability Insurance Providers

CLICK HERE for a list of some insurance providers.

Example client first session questionnaire form.

This is one that Peter uses for his client’s initial session. Feel free to use.  Please change the contact details obviously and modify as needed.  It is for information purposes only and doesn’t constitute a legal agreement.

Download here.

Sample first-client-session liability form used by Peter Donn

This is a liability form put together and used by Peter Donn in respect of clients wishing to work on physical issues.  Again this is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute a legal document.  Feel free to modify and use.  Download here.

Sample first-client-session liability letter drawn up by an attorney

Put together by attorney William W. Wolf as an initial basis for a liability waiver agreement with prospective new clients.  Here is it given as information purposes only and not as a necessarily legally enforceable document.  Download here,