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Positive EFT Training For:

Positive EFT was created by Dr Silvia Hartmann of the Association of Meridian Therapies (AMT) in the UK.

Positive EFT is an entirely new  way of using the power-treatment EFT.  Standard EFT focuses on releasing negative feelings, traumas and does so efficiently and effectively.

It is about asking such questions as:

Positive EFT aims on helping you feel good NOW without digging around in the past.  This can be an approach which is useful for various reasons:

By bringing POSITIVE energies into your energy body, you:

It is quick and easy to use in self help, and ENORMOUSLY POWERFUL as an addition to your healing practice (if relevant).

Positive EFT is what the world needs, right now.

Take part in a truly transformational one day workshop that is going to change your life for the better - and through you, all the lives you touch on your journey.

“All the most important things in life money can't buy.”

That is absolutely true - all the best advertising companies know that you're not selling a house, a yacht, a luxury car or a diamond ring, but the FEELING that comes with it.

Well, with Positive EFT we can cut out the (material) middle man and go straight to the source of good and empowering feelings - by tapping on POSITIVE energy forms.

“I tried positive thinking and I failed ...”

Positive EFT is modern energy work and a million miles away from positive thinking.

Working with powerful, nourishing, positive energy forms we become stronger, smarter, faster, and most importantly, HAPPIER.

Essentially, positive energy is the solution to creating a fabulous life, right here, right now.

“But I need therapy first ... work on all that trauma ...”

I believe that often the easiest and more efficient way to resolve presenting issues is to work on the roots of those issues.  Then once specific past contributory trauma has been released (which often takes more more than a session) it is done for good and won’t draw on your emotional energy.

However this is not always easy, and often you need to work with multiple roots.  In particular for self-help, this can be a challenge.

So a completely different approach is Positive EFT which is about feeling good right now. This can and should be done regardless!  And it is well known that if you are feeling generally good, the regular EFT that works well with negative past trauma actually works better!

With Positive EFT we are Future Orientated - and the future starts with how you feel right here, right now.

NOW is completely under our control when we engage the power of Positive Energy.

It's simple, in fact it could not be simpler if you tried!

“If it's so good, why isn't everybody doing it already ...?!”

Well, that's the amazing thing.

Before Silvia Hartmann created the SUE scale which has a POSITIVE wing of POSITIVE emotions, it seems everyone thought that to feel nothing at all was “the best a person could get.” The SUE scale (Subjective Units of Experience) goes from -10 (most negative, deep depression) to +10 (most positive - extreme bliss and joy).

This is insane; truly healthy people are happy, filled with life, laughter and excitement; personal power and all the energy they need to really make something happen in the world.

To be “healed” you need to be on the high positive side of the SUE scale - at least at +7, and anyone who has any sense at all can understand that.  The SUE scale makes it more obvious that it is not about just clearing down to zero, but continuing into extreme positive territory.

People were never taught about positive emotions at all!

How to move people from that dead point of feeling nothing forward into the positive emotions, that is also completely unknown, untaught, unpractised as well.

Actually I believe that our natural state is pure limitless joy and bliss but we are accepting less than this.  Just “OK” is normal for most of us!

Silvia Hartmann writes:

“I was teaching the EFT Master Practitioner course, and after over 300 students from around the world all failed the exercise on positive energy forms, I began to realise just how deep that backward looking trauma brainwashing had really gone.

“It is absolutely mindboggling but true that everyone involved in personal development today is looking BACKWARDS - at their terrible childhoods, at their traumas, their disasters, their lost loves!

“It's all trauma, trauma, trauma!

“But trauma is not what defines a person.

“A normal person does not want to talk about the worst moments in their life, of course they don't!

“In fact, there are no “negative” energies at all. There is only energy, and the absence of energy.

“When there is no energy, we get miserable, stressed, and collapse into ourselves.

“This endless backward orientation and sorting for trauma literally ties the energy system into knots of Gordian proportions. And that's no way forward!

“When I began to realise this, I also realised that we needed to put on trainings for how to work with the positives - because nobody knows how that's done.

“It's remarkable, it's shocking, but there we have it. That's the past, let's not dwell.

“Instead, let's be happy. We get to work with powerful, uplifting, delightful positive energies instead of endless wailing and misery.

“We get to FOCUS ON what we want to feel right now, and what we want to create in our lives, one now at a time.

“We get to say to people, “Hey, do you want to feel really great? Let me show you, it'll take only a few minutes ...”

“Positive EFT is the way forward, to teach people about EFT, about energy, to make it accessible and useful for the millions who do NOT want to become their own psychoanalysts.

“Working with positives is the portal to convincing people off the street, or in the city towers for that matter, to try Energy EFT for themselves and FEEL how good it is, how fantastic it works to reduce stress and make a real difference to their bottom line and their lives.

“Working with positives is a joy in and of itself; and it deserves to be given proper attention.

“Trauma had a good run for the last hundred years, but it's only 50% of the human story.

“It's time to add the missing 50% and take modern energy work to the next level.”

Silvia Hartmann, Chairman, The AMT

This workshop is AMT-certified and is taught in one day. Positive EFT training

The Positive EFT training day is for self-help and also to help your family and friends feel good!  You take away a Positive EFT Facilitator certificate.

The Positive EFT book  (which can also be purchased separately from Amazon) is included as part of your course fees as long as you pay within a month of the training day.  After this date, there is a charge of £7.50 ($10) + P&P if it needs to be posted.

Optional Extras

You can optionally purchase a year’s AMT membership for £30 (as of Mar 2015) and this also includes a hardcopy of their excellent quarterly magazine.

If you are already an AMT EFT Practitioner (AMT only) you can upgrade your certification to Positive EFT Practitioner for £40 (as of Mar 2015) which pays for an official AMT certificate seal to be added to your certificate.  This also comes with a free additional year membership to the AMT.

If you wish to do this, let us know at least 4 weeks in advance of the training course as seals need to be ordered from the AMT.  Otherwise it can be done later, however you will need to pay an additional sum for P&P.


Miami:  Sun 29 March 2015, 9:30-5pm

Venue: TBC

London, UK: Thu 21 May 2015, 9:30-5pm

Venue: University of London, London WC1N 1AS (near Russell Square)

Prices and Booking

London and USA Locations

Earlybird (by one month before the training day): £125 ($195)

Standard:  £145 ($220)

Hertfordshire, UK

Earlybird (by one month before the training day): £97.50

Standard:  £125

To pay: go to Miscellaneous Payments giving workshop date, and your full details.  You may pay in dollars or pounds sterling.

If you are booking within a month of the training date, add £7.50 ($10) for the cost of the Positive EFT book which serves as your manual.  There may be a P&P cost to add on later if it needs to be posted to you.

Optional: Don’t forget to add £30 ($50) for AMT membership or £40 (£65) if you are already an AMT EFT Practitioner and wish to have a Positive EFT Practitioner certification (includes an extra year’s AMT membership) - and put on the form that you are paying for that also.