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Muscle Testing Course in London

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The Magic and Mystery of Muscle Testing
Higher Psycho-Kinesiology (HPK): The Use of Muscle Testing in Everyday Life

(incorporating LifeGuide Applications for Guidance and Self-Empowerment)

Using muscle testing to access unconscious information in seconds

Location TBC
Level 1: Foundations
Level 2: LifeGuide Applications

(You can take both levels consecutively)

Pre-requisites: None except an open mind!

EFT Trainer New York USA Learn Emotional Freedom Techniques New York

Introduction to Higher Psycho-Kinesiology (HPK) and the LifeGuide Guidance and Self-Empowerment System

(Warning: This is nothing like Applied or Behavioural Kinesiology)

Higher Psycho-Kinesiology (with the LifeGuide System) creator Peter Donn has spent over a decade immersed in the extraordinary field of muscle testing, learning over countless thousands of hours and muscle tests exactly what this phenomenon is and how you can use it to access deep unconscious information in literally seconds!

Peter has discovered secrets about it that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Much of the information you will learn on this groundbreaking workshop is unique.  Learn how to use this remarkable tool in any area of life to access information that you don’t have conscious access to.  It is like having instant access to an inner teacher who knows everything and who is on your side to give immediate help to any question you may have, regardless of the level of complexity. This may seem difficult to comprehend but you will learn on the training how you can do this.

HPK (Higher Psycho-Kinesology) is useful in infinite ways, such as finding the beneficial and detrimental factors within something you are about to eat (see the LifeGuide application later), or if you have read a question properly on an exam question you are about to answer, or if there is a useful message to be gained from a dream you have just had.  If you are in the healing or self-development field you can find out the timing of a significant past event contributing to a symptom.

Does This Replace Intuition?  Absolutely NOT!  See later.

Part of the challenge in our lives is that we are cut off from access to the profound deep wisdom available inside each one of us.  Even for those of us who have a keen intuition, this can be distorted by psychological blocks which can sabotage our internal guidance system.

With a simple muscle test that takes seconds you can access this deepest wisdom and receive “Yes” / “No” answers to any question you have about anything across the entire universe!  Yes, you have access to this!  We will be learning how to muscle test others as well as self-test.  Self-testing can take some time to master for some of us and this may take a few days practice after the course to get it working well.  But most attendees will have it working well within the training itself.

There is a huge amount of misinformation about muscle testing.  It is often met with distrust and claims of inaccuracy. But this is because working with it requires a much deeper understanding and careful calibration.  I use it all the time with clients with astounding accuracy and it helps me on a daily basis in all areas of life.  In fact it has also helped me to develop a refined intuition.

Develop and Enhance a Powerful Intuition and
Learn How to Really Get It Working for You

Before starting with muscle testing, I didn’t believe I had an intuition!  Then by testing my hunches I was able to learn what was accurate and what was “miscellaneous data”!

Not only that, I found that some of the time when I thought I was being intuitive I found in fact it was being being distorted  completely by internal energetic polarity reversals - which can be caused in an instant by, for example, receiving an unkind comment from someone, or having a negative thought, or by eating something you are intolerant to.  Yet this goes unnoticed and you can end up making detrimental decisions.

One huge benefit of muscle testing over intuition is that used within a framework (as taught in this training) you can test a very large number of criteria simultaneously.  For example in the calibration section of HPK (Higher Psycho-Kinesiology) it can automatically check in a single test if your energy system is properly aligned, if you are sufficiently unattached to the answer (which would otherwise cause a completely inaccurate answer), if your question is sufficient well formed, and if you have any emotional issues that could block the answer or result in inaccuracy.  All of this is vital for you to know if your answer is one that you can take seriously.  As another example,  in a single test it can check a large list of factors to see if a particular intention or goal is an appropriate one - or if there is something more fundamental  and more important that needs to be brought to awareness.

Muscle testing works directly hand in hand with intuition.  Sometime we have access to information intuitively but we don’t know we have.  Within the HPK framework, you get told when you have intuitive information.  Once you know you know (!) you can check inside and find to your surprise that the information arises.  And then you can confirm it is correct with muscle testing!

Lastly, for simple yes / no tests, self-muscle testing can test something specific in dramatically less time (around 1/10 of a second once you have had some practice) which can be very time saving for example if you want to test a list of 100 nutritional remedies to find the ones that may be beneficial to you.

A Whole New World…

Once you can muscle test, a huge world is open to you.

Level 1 covers the fundamentals and get you started with muscle testing and self-testing as well as starting on working with many daily applications of muscle testing, most of which you won’t have come across before.

Level 2 is where it really starts to get interesting as you deepen into understanding the questioning process but more significantly we learn how to use the LifeGuide applications which is where HPK becomes particularly valuable on a daily basis.

Level  1

The following is covered depending on timing. Anything not covered is carried over to Level 2:

Level  2 (can be taken immediately after Level 1)

Level 2, which is done over two days, is where things start to get interesting as we take our foundational knowledge and use it in ways that enhance our lives on a daily basis.

As well as learning more deeply how to get accurate answers to our questions, and to understand how to find out what exactly could block that, we also enter the world of the LifeGuide System of Guidance and Self-Empowerment.  This represents a suite of applications (or higher HPK layers) which uses Higher Psycho-Kinesiology and is designed to help you lead an empowered and conscious life.  One main benefit of using the LifeGuide applications is to overcome unconscious Ego-control and sabotage by bringing profound awareness to everything you do and take into your system - both energetic and physical.  After a while making empowering choices becomes more and more natural and you in a much higher state of consciousness and wellbeing.

Here is a list of some of the things we cover on Level 2:

We learn to use the HPK LifeGuide applications:

The Simple Healing Framework (Primarily EFT-based)

Finally, time permitting, we will learn and use the Simple Healing Framework - a muscle-testing-guided framework for running healing sessions.  We use the inner guidance to help as navigate the best way of working with a specific issue, and which modalities are best. For those with EFT knowledge it will also show the best EFT protools to use.  There will be a demo and also a healing session in pairs where you will use your new knowledge.

You will come out of Level 2 not only with a deeper understanding on how you can use muscle testing in your life but some powerful tools you can use immediately to help you make excellent choices in your life.  Expect to experience much better health - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually - as you start sabotaging less and make choices that support you and empower you.

If you know how to use a healing modality, HPK will be invaluable to help find key information that will help you.

HPK is a tool for life that you can use in infinite ways.  Come along and become fully resourced to use it immediately upon leaving.

Your trainer Peter Donn

Held at:
International Hall
University of London

(Near Russell Square)

Lansdowne Terrace



Creator of ACE (Advanced Clearing Energetics) Richard Flook talks to Peter about Higher Psycho-Kinesiology. Booking *** Limited spaces available ***
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Magic and Mystery of  Muscle testing in Central London or Hertfordshire