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A Two-Day Training in Metamedicine

Tue 11 and Wed 12 October 2011



Find out more about Metamedicine from its web site: www.metamedicine.info.

Notes by your host EFT Trainer Peter Donn:

A few years ago I trained in a physical dis-ease diagnosis method which changed my understanding of disease in a way in which I can seriously never see things the same again.  The underlying premise was that “the body never makes a mistake” which is the opposite view to conventional thinking about ill health.

In the 1980’s, a German surgeon, after losing his son, and talking with and analysing the brain scans of 30,000 individuals, found out something extraordinary: that preceding  every disease process was a traumatic experience (or the triggering of a previous trauma)  and not only that, but that for a given organ, that traumatic experience has a specific and very refined theme.  For example, if someone is suffering with eczema or another epidermis condition, they would have had a previous significant experience of loss of contact or separation (some experiences also appear to be inherited and give a pre-disposition to emotional triggers).

What he also found, was that once the individual moves beyond the specific trauma (and is no longer triggered) the body goes naturally into a healing phase, and re-constructs the organ that was affected.

What really struck me was that once I understood Metamedicine, it all made total intuitive and logical sense.  It was like … “yes, of course…”.  Things clicked together.  It wasn’t a wild theory.  And it has proved itself again and again in the people I have worked with since.

In one session, I treated a lady with bad gastric pain and reflux. It turned out that just before it started she found out her husband was having an affair. After treating this “Indigestable chunk” of information (as per Metamedicine theory) there was a dramatic improvement.  In another one session, I treated one gentleman with prostate cancer, finding and reaching relief for a traumatic experience exactly as specified for that organ by Metamedicine.  Three months later, his confused doctor couldn’t find any trace of it and asked him to write an article on what he had done to resolve it!

Metamedicine gives an extraordinary understanding of the physical dis-ease process, and given this knowledge, means we can put together much more targeted and relevant treatment protocols when treating physical conditions.  That doesn’t mean it’s always easy, of course, but it gives probably the most important understanding of what’s really going on, and this information can be used to formulate a healing plan.  If you happen to know EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), this is profoundly effective at resolving past traumas and so is a very powerful “weapon” in the armoury of someone who understands Metamedicine.  But many other healing modalities too, including conventional western diagnosis and treatment, can be more effective once this vital information is known.

On this workshop find out:

There are a very limited number of places on this workshop, and there are no current plans to offer a future date.  So don’t miss this opportunity and book up now.  The price for the two days is £295, with a big reduction down to £245 for those booking before 1st September 1st 2011.

Note: This is a unique training and there are limited places so please book early. Book this Meta-medicine Training Here ==>

About your Trainer Susie Shelmerdine

Our trainer for the two days will be Susie Shelmerdine who is based in the midlands and trains also in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

She is a health professional deeply committed to raising awareness of EFT, Metamedicine and other connected healing modalities.