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Matrix Reimprinting Training Courses Hertfordshire (near London) For:

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This workshop gives an official Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner qualification
after completion and after 12-weeks of a Webinar programme is complete (one hour per week - see later).  It is recognised by the AAMET.  To have a practitioner qualification you must first have an EFT practitioner qualification, however this is not necessary in order to do the course.  If this is the case you will receive your Matrix practitioner certificate as soon as you complete your EFT practitioner certification.

Matrix Reimprinting is a revolutionary new technique, developed by EFT master Karl Dawson, that advances traditional emotional freedom EFT in a number of ways.

It draws upon the findings of quantum physics and the New Sciences (especially the New Biology) and recognises that we are all connected by a unified energy field. It also draws upon the findings of cutting-edge and popular scientists such as Dr Bruce Lipton and Rupert Sheldrake, and combines these with modern psychological theories and research.

This two-day weekend training course is recognised by AAMETand takes you to practitioner level. Through presentations and breakout sessions you will learn the processes involved in Matrix Reimprinting and have the opportunity to practice the techniques.

Note: This is normally a very popular workshop and there are limited places so please book early Book your Matrix Reimprinting Training Here ==>

About your Trainer Ted Wilmont

Ted Wilmont is one of the most experienced Matrix Reimprinting and EFT practitioners in the world. As well as being an exceptional therapist, he has been training EFT for many years and was one of the very first Matrix Reimprinting trainers. His ability to communicate in a simple and easily understandable format has made him a highly sought after trainer with his own unique style. He is incredibly intuitive and knowledgeable, and brings much humour and warmth to his courses.
Karl Dawson, EFT Master and creator of Matrix Reimprinting

Go and see Ted’s Matrix Reimprinting page (and a video) on his website.

Webinar Programme - Listen to Two free Webinars

To really understand how Matrix Reimprinting works, you can join the weekly webinar programme where you learn some of the Matrix Reimprinting techniques and witness them in practice.  You can listen to two webinars completely free of charge and this will give you some idea of the power of Matrix Reimprinting.

     ==> Go to Matrix Reimprinting Webinars

Becoming a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

If you wish to become a Matrix practitioner you will need to have completed 12 weeks of this webinar programme, have attended a practitioner course (as offered here) and be a certified EFT practitioner. If you are yet to complete your Level 2 training join our course a week later on Wed 16/Thu 17th March 2011. See ==> EFT Level 2 training.

The first 6 people to book will receive a free 45 minute session with trainer Ted Wilmont A Matrix Reimprinting video by founder Karl Dawson