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EFT Tapping Training Course in Manhattan, New York, USA

Magneto-Goals in New York, USA

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Held at:

Ripley-Grier Studios

Floor 16, 520 8th Ave, Manhattan, New York

NY 10018


Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT Tapping New York USA

Magneto-Goals Life Transformation Process: The EFT-Based High-Powered Creation Formula

Join EFT Expert Peter Donn in
Manhattan, New York, USA

Sat 17-Sun 18 May 2014

EFT Trainer New York USA Learn Emotional Freedom Techniques New York

Welcome to a powerful 2-day workshop

The Magneto-Goals Life Transformation Process: The High-Powered EFT-based

Creation Formula

This workshop is about the most important thing.

Your Happiness, Your Life, Your Future

As you know EFT is a powerful transformational tool.  But the art and mastery is in its application and what to aim it at!  In this workshop we aim it directly at our goals and dreams and learn the steps to use EFT to create what we want in life (and most importantly to want what we have created!).

But there are some key challenges here.  Firstly, the very things we are most passionate about are the very things we seem to have the biggest blocks to!  Secondly, we have to ask ourselves – why do we want what we want?  Are we being driven to those goals for the right reasons?  Thirdly, how do we identify the blocks on the goals that we do want to create.  And lastly how can we tempt the hand of the universe in helping us make our intentions real in the physical world?

On this two-day workshop we move through these areas experientially to find what’s really, deeply, important to us, identify key goals, find what’s driving that goal, and work to heal the parts of us that are sabotaging it.  We then find an immensely powerful way to magnetise that goal into our experience.

The information you learn on this training is likely to change your future dramatically.

Here are some of the areas covered.

Come along and set course for a truly wonderful, authentic and exciting and inspired future!

Your trainer Peter Donn Price  $395.00

Held at:
Ripley-Grier Studios

Floor 16, 520 8th Ave, Manhattan, New York

NY 10018


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Prerequisites: EFT Level 1



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