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The modern world is full of people not living up to their potential, be it through stress, trauma, anxiety, illness, anger or sub-conscious blocks and sabotages.  To rectify this, there's been a surge of self-help techniques and practitioners.

One of the best ways to achieve our full potential is through a practice known as EFT, and if used wisely it can transform the way you live your life.

EFT Courses London Hertfordshire

What is EFT?

EFT (or Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a way to help free yourself from negative emotions and perceived restrictions to help you make the most of yourself and your life. It's a combination of different processes that can help you overcome a number of difficulties, and it's being used by therapists and individuals the world over to help mental, emotional and even physical symptoms.

EFT Tapping – Leading the Way in Emotional Freedom Techniques

The transformation techniques we offer focuses on a technique known as EFT tapping. The theory behind EFT tapping is that most of the body's negative emotions and ailments are the result of a disruption in its energy system, and by routinely tapping on certain acupressure areas of the body any blockage will be released so energy can flow freely again.  As this happens, negative and upsetting feelings and blocks dissolve and release.  The effects on traumas and upsetting past events are usually permanent.  EFT tapping can be effectively used to restore balance to the body and has been known to help with phobias, emotional trauma, insomnia and even depression, and once specific EFT tapping techniques are learnt it can be used to relieve a large variety of ailments.   Its users are continuously surprised at how quickly this often happens.

That's what's so great about EFT;  Emotional Freedom Techniques can be used to great effect in daily life. They're not something that has to be restricted to the therapist's office because EFT tapping can be used in a range of external situations, and once Emotional Freedom Techniques is learnt it can be used again and again. But, the only way you're going to really know how to put these emotional freedom techniques into practice is if you go on EFT training courses to help you learn the theory and practice behind it, and that's why you need to come to us.

EFT Courses from The EFT Training Centre

Here at The EFT Training Centre we offer comprehensive EFT courses to help you understand how these emotional freedom techniques can be put them into practice, and how to get quick results. Our EFT courses are ideal for both self-help enthusiasts as well as professional therapists, and with a range of courses on offer you'll be able to find one that totally meets your needs. And, with our EFT training courses being AAMET-accredited you could go on from our workshops to be a fully accredited practitioner of emotional freedom techniques (EFT) - the choice is yours, and thanks to our high standard of training you can be confident that you'll have all the skills necessary to take you down any path you choose to travel.

How our EFT Training Courses Work

Our training courses can give you a comprehensive grounding into all the core skills necessary to make Emotional Freedom Techniques work for you.  Although the theory is covered, practical experience is of utmost importance and ensures you go home with the skills necessary to put EFT into practice immediately, in your daily life.  You'll be taught how to use EFT tapping to help you overcome times of stress and anxiety, and you'll even be able to use EFT on friends and family – subject to their agreement!   Our EFT training courses cover a range of different subjects and there are several courses available depending on your experience and requirements, and with both in-house and external courses being on offer you'll easily get the EFT training that you need to progress.

Help Yourself and other People with our EFT Courses

Whether you're personally interested in the field of self-help or are a licensed practitioner of such techniques, you'll be able to benefit from our EFT courses. Techniques such as EFT tapping can be used to great effect and once you've learnt the core skills you will be able to use them in any area of life, fact you can use it in any special interest area that you are passionate about, such as life coaching, working with children, with addictions, or even golf performance.  You can pass on your knowledge to friends and family or can even train to become a recognised EFT practitioner, but whatever your intentions you can be confident that our EFT courses will help you achieve your goals.

So, if you're looking for a way to help enhance your life and even help those around you, make sure to come to us. Our EFT courses will help you achieve your full potential by teaching you immediately usable techniques to avoid stress and be free of negative emotions.  Come to us today and see the difference EFT can make to your life.