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This is an exciting time in human history.  In the past we have had to accept our personal limitations and the painful reality of our past.  Now, thanks to powerful new tools, with EFT a giant amongst them, it is possible to go beyond what we thought possible for ourselves and free ourselves from traumas, fears, angers, blocks, self-sabotages, and - commonly - as many experience - physical ailments that would otherwise have us dependent on drugs.

EFT Courses London Hertfordshire

In our EFT training courses, we are honoured to teach you a technique that is capable of dissolving past upsets and trauma in very short time scales.  It can help clear the paralysing beliefs we have taken on from parents, ancestors, and others in our early lives, and that forms our apparent reality.  This amazing technique is all about helping us reach our full potential and be able to stand tall being ourselves.

In experiential, and immensely powerful workshops you will learn this technique and how to apply it in different ways.  Most participants are shocked at how simply you can make major breakthroughs.

Join our training if you wish to learn EFT for self-help or to help your family, or even if you wish to train as an EFT practitioner to help others have their best possible lives.  All EFT Workshops , Courses and EFT trainings are of the highest quality and comply with the standards and curriculum of the largest EFT practitioner organisation in the world - the AAMET - and are fully AAMET-accredited.  We offer regular EFT Workshops in Kings Langley in Hertfordshire and also central London, and occasional workshops in other areas of the UK and abroad.

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