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Free EFT Talks

Join an upcoming  free talk about EFT

Introduction to EFT Workshop

Come to a half-day or evening introduction-level workshop to learn the basics of EFT.

EFT Level 1 Training

Join an AAMET-accredited EFT Level 1 Training - for Self-help (In the US, courses are usually EFTUniverse-Accredited)

EFT Level 2 Training

AAMET-accredited EFT Level 2 Training - for Self-help and if you wish to become a practitioner (In the US, courses are usually EFTUniverse-Accredited)

Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix creator Karl Dawson approved training

EFT Healing Circle

Join an upcoming EFT healing circle to experience EFT.

Specialist and Other Courses

EFT Mothers Workshop

An EFT workshop for mothers to empower and strengthen yourself as a woman and mother.

The Magic and Mystery of Muscle Testing

Introduction to Higher Psycho-Kinesiology: The Use of Muscle Testing in Everyday  Life

Healing Retreats

We usually  run one or two retreats a year.  Join us on the next one.  You will experience a huge personal shift, meet lovely individuals and not want to come home!

For EFT Practitioners and Trainees

EFT Supervision

Face-to-face or Skype Supervision sessions for your annual requirement or for help in  your practice.

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