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EFT workshop feedback

This is a small selection of feedback we have received from people on our workshops.

All original workshop feedback is available for viewing – just ask.

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Video Testimonals

A workshop attendee heals her Chronic Fatigue with EFT with Peter Donn

Mums releases pregnancy fears and birth trauma with Tamara

Blog-style Testimonials / Reviews

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A Thank-You Card from a New York Training

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter and Tamara. They are so welcoming and supportive. It was good to learn the techniques in a real environment, doing the practicals and seeing the emotions in people being brought to the surface. The course was emotional, educational and fun!!!!  Joanna Chlopas, Carer, Essex, UK.

I found the workshop informal, relaxed and Peter and Tamara are both very welcoming and knowledgeable. I was completely new to EFT and found it truly amazing and very valuable. I was the demo for the Tearless Trauma on day 2. I had a very powerful shift which really took me by surprise and has left me definitely wanting more!  Rita De Nuccio, Personal assistant, Rickmansworth, UK.

I loved this workshop. It felt really comfortable, I likes the laid back format, especially level 2, it just felt really comfortable and a really safe environment to both learn something to use on others but also to explore possibilities for personal healing. I felt that both trainers were teaching from the heart and it all just made sense. It was actually a life changing few days, because now I will have to approach life differently through new eyes – It’s impossible not to. I feel really privileged to have chosen the right course to learn this fantastic skill.  Jennifer King, Holistic therapist, Rickmansworth UK.

Hi Peter and Tamara, thank you very much for this beautiful journey. Thank for your hospitality, it felt like being a family. Something big has definitely shifted and I feel I am in control of my life and I CAN SEE  CLEARLY NOW :-).  In both the level 1 & 2 workshops we all worked as a team. It went smoothly and  I felt supported by the group and the trainers. Both the venues felt cosy and safe as it felt like home. Poospah Riley, Care officer, Berkshire UK.

It was a very informative day; Peter and Tamara were very patient and ready to take the time to explain and answer questions. Suzanne Ellison, Therapist / PA, Shropshire UK.

The extra "bits" added on top of the core teaching were enlightening; the group dynamic was great and both Peter and Tamara were fantastic, always there to support.  Thank you so much, it felt very special and everything just felt so right. I really look forward to the next one.  Romi Carr, Image Consultant, Buckinghamshire

I had a very satisfying experience because we had a jolly good group of attendees who were quite co-operative, both in sharing their experiences and assisting their colleagues. I found that both the trainers, Peter and Tamara were knowledgeable in their field, respectful, kind and helpful.  Please accept my profound gratitude for the hospitality you extended and the wisdom you imparted. Thanks again.  Vishwanath Seunarine, Biomedical engineer, London UK.

[The EFT Workshop] was made simple and easy to understand, no pressure to perform, everything was shown practically. I never felt that I couldn't ask a question and feel silly....it was intense the amount of information but without feeling pressure...information was interesting....enjoyed all three days very much.  Sonia Gentle, Healer, Dunstable.

Really enjoyed the workshop, there was a good variety of people in our group from all different backgrounds some with prior knowledge of tapping. With both Peter and Tamara doing the workshop it was nice to meet them both and learn from them. The workshop was relaxed and informal.  Maria Mcmahon, Midwife, Norfolk – UK.

I think that I would have gotten a lot out of the work regardless of the instructor, in that it is a technique that works in harmony with universal law in such a seamless simple way that it might appear miraculous to the casual observer. What I appreciated in working with Peter is his understanding of those deeper truths that are the foundation for why this technique is effective. I meet a lot of "New Agers", but in my humble opinion there is still a great deal of metaphysical misunderstanding out there, and hence teachings can be shaded by those biased perspectives. In his teaching style Peter embodied the concepts of non - resistance and a neutral perspective that are actually key to why this work is effective. It is also "clear" that he has worked on himself a great deal such that his own light shines through brightly as he enthusiastically shared the work.  Mark Vanderhoek, artist/entrepreneur/transformative coach, New York.

Great experience in all areas. It was a fantastic group. Peter is very skilful, inspiring and knowledgeable leader.  Enormous gratitude to Peter, to everyone in my Group, and to EFT! Elena Popova, Compliance Manager / Yoga Teacher, New Jersey.

[One of the highlights of the workshop was] watching Peter work with individuals and seeing his technique and the shifts people were able to make.  Ellen Petersen, Qigong Teacher / Lawyer, Marblehead, USA.

I thought that the combination of material taught, demonstrations and breaking into pairs was balanced excellently.  I feel that I learned a lot about different techniques.  Peter really cared about the participants and showed an attitude that we all need to hold when working with clients.  He also communicated his enthusiasm for EFT and changing the world. I have had many transformations since Workshop I and am working on my own and with EFT practitioners to move myself forward.   I have also been giving EFT sessions and have watched amazing transformations in people! Barbara Rosenthal, Teacher, New York.

I very much liked the people in the room and Peter, the trainer.  I felt it was a kind, supportive environment. Peter is a very calm, compassionate, knowledgeable trainer, and it was so obvious that he wanted everyone to experience the maximum movement possible.

One of the demonstrations that Peter did with [name withheld] on core issues was just wonderful, and so helpful to see how to use EFT.  She was very available and he was so clear in his questioning that I got to see just how far this EFT process can move a person, and it gave me permission to let whatever I felt come to the surface. That was the beginning of my understanding of how valuable EFT can be.  Thank you, Peter.  Alexandra Self, College Consultant, New York.

Peter was so knowledgeable and patient with all of us. He answered each question and has a good  sense of humor as well. I thoroughly enjoy him as a trainer and would love to take another training with him! Jan Shannon. Psychotherapist. New York.

My experience was extremely positive, from the first moment I arrived until the very last moment before I departed.  I truly learned a ton of new ways to incorporate EFT into my coaching practice and met many amazing individuals.  I would like to add that to a large degree the success of the training, for me, and I imagine for many others, is the degree of connection with Peter, our instructor.  He comes prepared to teach as well as connect with each and every participant.  This allows us all to feel more comfortable opening up, releasing our fears and achieving real breakthroughs during the training.  Peter ROCKS!!  Susan Beebe, Coach, New York.

I had a fantastic weekend in NYC!  How could it be otherwise with the spectacular weather, 2 incredible days with you and the great group…I wish to thank you for the marvellous weekend. Your facilitation created the lovely atmosphere and great learning for everyone. I learned a phenomenal amount in the 2 days and picked up more confidence in my abilities!  Cathy Michael, Energy Healer and Artist, New York.

Thank you Peter, for the amazing seminar! You are so gifted. I had a fantastic time, learning so much, getting to know you and our wonderful group. Lots of love and much of gratitude to All! Go EFT!!!  Elena Popova, Brokerage & Contracts Manager and Yoga Instructor, New York.

I had some huge perspective shifts and have a much clearer understanding of my inner landscape and confidence to persevere with this work.  It's just brilliant work! Thank you for holding the space in such a firm and loving way. You [Peter] are a terrific teacher!  Donna Bullock. Actor/ Alexander Technique Teacher, New York.

I really enjoyed this course and the energy of the group was great. Peter is a really good instructor that explains the concepts well and holds the space in a comfortable and safe way. He also answers questions well.  Georgia Jean, Energy healer, intuitive coach, Brooklyn, New York.

I was very pleasantly surprised with the whole day.  I've been to 'one to one' courses in the last year and have sadly not had a very positive experience.  However, I found your course, fully informative, sensitive, fun, warm and engaging, even though it was in a University room! I have come away feeling as if I have learnt a new tool, a tool I will definitely use in my everyday life!  Marina Martin, PA, Hertfordshire – UK.

The beauty of EFT is that it works completely in harmony with natural law...we don't have to DO anything...we don't have to force ourselves to come up with beauty or brilliance. All we do is remove the resistance to our natural state. Inherent in the workings of EFT is the understanding that anything you push against will grow stronger, and that all we need to do to dissolve resistance is bring it into the light, so to speak. Working with those 2 basic concepts and the techniques Peter explains for harnessing them I have already seen some miraculous results.  Mark Vanderhoek, artist/entrepreneur/transformative coach, New York.

EFT has blown me away, a gentle approach to sensitive issues....bringing up information almost consciously forgotten but making sense....definitely will use it for self and others.  Sonia Gentle, Healer, Dunstable.

[About the tapping experience on the workshop] Incredible. Fantastic. I had no idea how deep tapping could go. I thought I knew it all after watching a few videos online. Thank you Peter for an incredible learning experience. Margarita Burke, Teacher, New York

I was at first excited but it soon turned to amazement after I experienced profound transformation in my personal issues which very much surprised me. I knew it worked but certainly never expected to reecive the benefits at the high level of transformation that occurred. I was amazed at the simplicity and yet profound healings that EFT can provide. I had a difficult time getting out of my head trying to analyze how it happened and just accept that it did happen. Jan Shannon. Psychotherapist. New York.

Wow, very powerful.  I had tried tapping on weight loss, just weight loss, with success but didn't realise how powerful EFT is and how deep you can get with it.  Such a powerfull healing technique. The most significant learning for me was just how much can be achieved with EFT.  Also the conection between physical issues and emotions.  Debbie Hopley, Support Worker, Berkshire, UK.

I found the workshop informal, relaxed and Peter and Tamara are both very welcoming and knowledgeable. I was completely new to EFT and found it truly amazing and very valuable. I was the demo for the Tearless Trauma on day 2. I had a very powerful shift which really took me by surprise and has left me definitely wanting more!  Rita De Nuccio, Personal assistant, Rickmansworth, UK.

It was really interesting for me to start to even give thought to my allergies actually being as a direct result of personal issues and trauma, it kind of makes sense now. I have always known that the emotions effect people physically, as I see it all the time in my clients and myself (lots over the years), but to see such direct links and the possibility to shift all sorts of things to live a better life, and that maybe i can have cats again is such a huge thing for me and also to think I can help my clients in a deeper way in the future to improve all sorts of conditions is for me an incredible realisation. Even for things like my clients with acne rosacea, which is apparently incurable according to docs/dermatologist. I do my best with lovely facials and organic products and natural make-up to help them cover it and improve confidence, but to get a glimpse that I could help them actually get to the root problem that caused it and maybe even help them cure it is amazing. soooo excited about the possibilities as I am working with lots of (what people might call minor) physical issues already. Not minor to the clients suffering with them though. I feel like the course was really sympathetic to all people, and had the approach of no event or experience is insignificant.    Jennifer King, Holistic therapist, Rickmansworth UK.

I have attended and done many spiritual and healing workshops, courses, seminars and I am sure they all have helped me on my journey but for me EFT is magical. Changes can happen immediately and with deep seated emotions I know sooner or later with the tapping as they surface I will let go and the transformation happens. I felt that there was a breakthrough in my life after the EFT workshops. Until then I had spent all my life trying to find out what was wrong with me as nothing seemed to work. At times I would fight and at times I would drift into despair from not being able to understand what was going on. Now I feel free and I can see my path clearly and everything makes sense. With EFT no matter how strong the emotions might be the letting go and transformation can happen peacefully. The technique is gentle and easy and can be done anywhere.  Poospah Riley, Care worker, Berkshire.

EFT is incredible, having counselled people for many years and recently trained as a Hypnotist, EFT is a powerful tool and the fact that it is not limited in how it can help people.  The challenge is going to be getting people to open their minds and give EFT the chance to prove that it can reduce or cure their pain and dissolve emotional block that stop them moving forward and improving the quality of their lives. Suzanne Ellison, Therapist / PA, Shropshire UK.

EFT is such a powerful tool, yet so "simple" and effective if used well. That's the beauty of it. It manages to get to the core of a problem, unlike many other therapies, with great results. I love it, and the fact that it keeps evolving, as well as its ability to be used alongside other therapies/techniques, and really look forward to practising one day. Romi Carr, Image Consultant, Buckinghamshire UK.

Personally, EFT has assisted me with overcoming my fear of public speaking, fear of being around water and of drowning as well as removing the fear around launching my latest business enterprise; Tap Into Your Center.  Susan Beebe, Coach, New York.

It’s [EFT] such a simple technique and it amazing how it can be used for all kinds of problems, my own experience at the workshop whist working in pairs practicing was amazing and I hope to use it personally to break down all the layers of emotions that I have pushed down deep inside and which have been affecting my life over the past 20 years.  I always receive the EFT newsletters and had bought a book which I did not find helpful at all. I have also watched videos but I personally  need to be in a workshop to help me learn new methods, and it did help me with this. I felt very empowered, enthusiastic about using tapping in the future. It just amazes me that something so simple and non-invasive has the potential to help millions of people who are suffering with a variety of illnesses, but specifically chronic pain, anxiety, panic attacks and depression.  Maria Mcmahon, Midwife, Norfolk – UK.