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Details for EFT Level 1 and Level 2 Training London 22-24 Sep 2011

Here are full details for the Level 1 EFT London training on 22 Sep 2011 and Level 2 EFT London training on 23 and 24 Sep 2011.

Please read these details carefully so you are prepared for the training.  In particular, the location is simple to find once you know, but you may get lost or confused if you don’t follow the instructions below exactly.  So please don’t just write the address down - print out full instructions.

Peter Donn’s mobile number for the day is: 07941 221 635.

I will start with information that is different between the Level 1 and Level 2 workshops, and then give information that applies to both.

Level 1 EFT Beginners Training - Thu 22 Sep 2011

Please arrive by 8:45 so we can start promptly at 9am.  Please allow extra time for finding the venue.

We should finish by 5:30 but if you can plan for an additional 15 mins if possible that would be great.

Note: I have two places still on the Level 2 training for those of you who are interested. Alternatively you can come to the Level 1 and decide afterwards if you wish to come to join the Level 2 the next day (spaces permitting).

Level 2 EFT Training - Fri 23 / Sat 24 Sep 2011

Level 1 revision: Please can you read through your Level 1 manuals before arriving at the training so you are able to fully absorb the next level of information and are able to be in alignment with the rest of the group.

Please arrive by 9:15 on each day so we can start promptly at 9:30 am.  Please allow extra time for finding the venue.

We should finish by 5:30 but if you can plan for an additional 15 mins if possible that would be great.

The Venue - Various including directions

Firstly I want to let you know that the venue is the loft apartment of well known newspaper and magazine astrologer Shelley Von Strunckel.  She very generously offered her place for these trainings and I want to say a big thanks to her. You will hopefully get a chance to meet her and say hello.

Please can I ask everyone to look after her place whilst we are there.


The venue is in a gated complex.  If you wish to smoke please ensure you do this outside the main front gate (not outside the apartment building itself).

Lunches on Each Day

For those of you who wish to, we will have one hour’s lunch each day together at the venue, although of course you may want to go out for a period to stretch your legs by the lovely canal outside.

If you don’t wish to join us, there are places around where you can eat.  But please ensure you are back ready to start after an hour to ensure we don’t run late which may be difficult for some people.

As entering the venue requires buzzing through at the entrance to a gated complex and then again buzzing through at the ground level of the loft apartment, it will save time in your lunch hour if you can bring lunch with you.

Address and Directions

... Gated Entrance to ICE WHARF

On the panel, press 104, say something like EFT Workshop” and you’ll be buzzed in.

You can see  our venue just a few  metres ahead of you on the left.

The address is as follows:

Loft Apartment 104

Albert Dock

17a New Wharf Road

Kings Cross

London N1 9RB

Please see the tip of the orange arrow to the left, and the red “A” on the satellite view below left, which is the actual building.

 Walking or Taxi from Kings Cross Stn

  1. Go up York Way
  2. Right into Wharfdale Road (there’s no sign – it’s the first light)
  3. Second left into New Wharf Road (same as the Canal Museum).
  4. All the way to the end.   You reach the ...

Cross over to the building.

Again, press 104 on the panel,  say, e.g. “EFT Workshops” and you’ll be buzzed in.

Take the lift up to the 4th floor and you’re there!  The lift can be slow so if you’re feeling energetic you can take the stairs!