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Imagine the sweet scent of the rain forest, the sounds of waves washing up on the nearby beach, the jungle sounds all around - such life force everywhere, not to mention amazing food.  

This is the perfect environment in which to be taking in the “High Vibration” content of the Guild of Energists “Energy EFT Foundation” syllabus over 7 days (2 hours per day) where you get a chance to enjoy a blissful retreat whilst spending time with new friends in a country choc full of culture and nature!


We were all born to shine, to love unconditionally and to live with joy and light in our hearts.

However, many believe the complete opposite.

We enter this world pure, we are like blank canvases and over time others paint this canvas in for us and therefore shape our opinions and experiences.

Gradually, many of us lose sight of who we really are and what is really possible as we gather and collect information.  Sadly life experiences are not always positive and we begin to layer fears and limiting beliefs moving further away from the divine spark that exists inside all of us and masking our potential.

We begin to think that this is just the way it is, that 'life is hard'. We build a myriad of beliefs regarding love, relationships, happiness and money.

In turn we lower our energetic vibration, which then lowers the energetic vibrations of those around us.

However, the power is in our hands to change this when we realise our beliefs are actually just opinions often with an energetic blockage anchoring them. Using tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), we can peel back the layers and release old hurts and limiting beliefs and reprogramme ideas that serve our highest potential.

This energetic work  lifts your  energetic vibration which in turn raises the vibrations of those around them, who raise the energy of those around them too. The effect is exponential!

You are the gift you bring to the world.

Positive change comes through you, so use your power wisely for the greater good of yourself and ultimately the rest of the world.

On this 7 night retreat in beautiful Sri Lanka we shall be teaching you the tools you need to achieve balance, raise your vibrations and align yourself with your greater potential.

In a warms supportive environment we will explore these techniques and dust off our hearts to see how brightly we can shine.

You shall complete during your time an Energy EFT Foundation course which shall offer you life changing tools to help you reach your best possible self.

This foundation course is suitable both for those already trained in classical EFT - as it offers a fresh, new and exciting way to use it and complements what you already know – and is also suitable for complete beginners to EFT”.

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“Energy EFT”


2-9 July 2017

In beautiful Sri Lanka

NOTE: This retreat has had to be rescheduled regretfully from its previous July 2017 dates.

Please Contact us to be informed when the dates have been set