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Using EFT to Grow Spiritually

What Does it Mean to Develop Spiritually and Know Truth?

For those of us who above everything else wish to live as a Spiritual Being within the Human realm, life has a way of “bringing us down to earth” repeatedly!

Our Ego represents the part of us which carries the weight of past individual and collective beliefs, such as “I don’t deserve a life of Joy” or “I have been ejected from the Garden of Eden” or “I am unlovable”.  Each of these interpretations, whilst we don’t (want to) consciously believe them, our bodies hold the resonance of these and they hold us living an existence which is far from spiritual - but instead reactive, fearful and self-devaluing. The result is that Truth is cloaked by our highly subjective experience of reality.

We need a powerful technique which is capable of shedding the limitations of the Ego.  Meditation has been used for millennia for this end, however the dramatic acceleration of consciousness in this era is providing new and very powerful ways to do this in dramatically smaller timescales.  EFT is one of these techniques.

Introducing EFT

Over the past 15 years, a new technique has been growing increasingly popular due to its simplicity and because it so effective.  It is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and has been growing rapidly by word of mouth.  In fact over a million people are using EFT.  It is capable of releasing negative feelings and beliefs in tiny timescales, compared to what we have been used to.  Sometimes a negative belief disappears within a few minutes!

EFT involves tapping a small set of acupuncture points whilst focusing on the feeling or belief.  As you do so, the emotion starts to dissolve, or the degree to which the belief feels true starts to go down and down.  Click to find  more about EFT.

I have personally used EFT in my life for many years to release the illusional state of reality that my Ego is showing me all the time.  Whenever I have an emotional reaction, I become aware of what it is am holding to be true that is resulting in that reaction.  It is a huge opportunity to see what is there, and then to clear it.  When I have done this, I have ceased to be run by that belief with the result that my consciousness has taken a jump and I see more clearly what IS.

I don’t know of a more powerful, easy and effective tool for my spiritual development.

How Do I Learn EFT?

You can learn EFT in many ways - including by downloading our Free EFT Manual.  However if you are truly intent on living your Highest life, there is absolutely no substitute for learning it in depth at an experiential workshop.  In the workshop environment as well as learning the basics, there are many subtleties and you could spend hours trying to get somewhere with an issue you are working on when by knowing some key things, you could take minutes.  In the workshops, real healing happens, and you get to take home a priceless tool for life.

Our Level 1 workshop covers in one day all the basics and you will immediately be able to apply EFT to your spiritual development.  Level 2 (two days) goes into more depth in many ways, including how to create your dreams - having a specific segment on how to find what blocks you are running that are preventing the creation of a goal, and how you tackle them with EFT.

After doing Level 2, there is also an option to become an EFT practitioner  and you can charge for treating others with EFT.

Dates & Booking

CLICK HERE:  ==> There are some spaces left on the Upcoming Back-to-Back Level 1 and 2 EFT Training in Euston, London starting Tue 29 May 2012. Make a Life Decision and Come and Join  Us on this Powerful Experience