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EFT level 2 workshop For:

Even through with level 1 you can use EFT so powerfully and in so many ways, level 2 deepens your understanding into EFT and its use in the healing process.  By taking level 2 you may also decide to go on an become an EFT practitioner - subject to assessment and submission of case studies. The following are covered plus additional material as it arises on the training:

We go more in to depth regarding psychological reversal (PR).  This is a vital aspect of EFT as it can block it working completely.  We cover different forms of PR which could be behind the process not working effectively – or at all!  Knowing this will significantly help you gain success in issues that aren’t otherwise shifting.

We find out how to use EFT to create our dreams and achieve our goals. We learn why things often don’t happen the way we want them to!  We understand why affirmations often appear not to work and what we can do about it.

At level 1 we found out how to resolve the trauma from specific events and the very basics of how to deal with general issues, especially by using persistence.  At level 2 we learn ways to find core issues – the real causes of our problems and limitations.  This makes the EFT healing process much more efficient, and is sometimes vital in resolving our issues completely.

We learn how to deal with the “Big One” – huge issues or memories that we just want to avoid for fear of being overwhelmed. These are so important, yet we avoid them.  Learn an amazingly gentle technique for dealing with these.

We look at working with Physical Issues from pain to mild headache to major chronic disease.  This is a huge and very rewarding area.  Level 1 scratched the surface (excuse the pun).  You will learn bonus information here based on new research that you will not receive at other EFT Level 2 trainings.

We get plenty more supervised practice in some of the areas above – so as with Level 1, this is also a transformational healing weekend as well as an official certification.  Save yourself a one-to-one treatment session or three and bask in and benefit from the collective healing experience!

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Becoming an EFT Practitioner

If you wish to become an EFT Practitioner, this can be done as a result of attending this EFT Level 2 workshop.  CLICK HERE for details about this.

Please note - all UK Level 2 trainings are AAMET-accredited.

In the U.S.  level 2 trainings are EFTUniverse-accredited, however the list of subjects listed below are also relevant.  Please see the EFT Universe Syllabus for a concise description.