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*** London, Herts, New York, Florida, Dubai ***

EFTUniverse & AAMET-accredited training

with EFT Master
Peter Donn and trainer Tamara Donn

(places available)

Central London
Thu 22 Jan 2015

STOP PRESS: EFT Retreat Sat 3 Jan 2015 Surrey EFT Level 1 Training For:

UPDATE: Radio 2 Presenter and author Janey Lee Grace recently attended this workshop. Read about her experiences in her blog...

Join us for this powerful workshop which is the official Level 1 training that introduces you to EFT and gives you the knowledge and skills to use EFT effectively on yourself, friends and family. Learn how to use this revolutionary method that targets unresolved emotional issues and the potential blocks to vibrant health and happiness.

The following are covered plus much more:

The EFT Level 1 training can also be taught at your premises, subject to a minimum number of attendees.

Dates and Prices

Please note - all UK Level 1 trainings are AAMET-accredited.

In the U.S.  level 1 trainings are EFTUniverse-accredited and are always delivered over two days.  They include all the elements listed below plus additional material (see EFT Universe Syllabus for all details).

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