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EFT Healing Circle - Enjoy EFT for a Fraction of the Cost of One-to-One Sessions This is suitable for:

The EFT Healing Circle is a wonderful opportunity to come together for an incredibly low cost to experience and benefit from EFT.  These are held approximately once a month from 8pm to 10pm in Kings Langley in Hertfordshire (see map below), just 5 minutes from junction 20 of the M25.

It is suitable for anyone wishing to enjoy the group experience of those coming together to better themselves - which may mean being free from the  pain of the past, or clearing blocks to the best possible future.

The price is £20 for the evening (£15 in advance) or £36 for 3 evenings paid in advance.  Your first evening is free although you need to pay a £15 deposit in advance which is refunded to you on the night.

What Happens at an EFT Healing Circle?

At the start, you are asked to bring your attention to an issue that is bothering you - it could be a difficult memory you have, a physical complaint, a negative emotion or belief, or a situation you are struggling with.

You are  then asked to rate your issue on an intensity scale of 0 to 10. One person volunteers to have an EFT session in front of the group. As this individual is treated, everyone else present taps along on themselves, copying the volunteers treatment exactly.  At the end of the demo, each person will be asked to rate their own issue again. The amazing thing is that for most people it drops, sometimes dramatically.

EFT “Borrowing Benefits”

There is a special name given to this phenomena in EFT circles - it is called Borrowing Benefits.  One of the reason it is thought to work is because we all essentially have the same issues at the root (yet we are often unconscious of them), but we have different ways of expressing them. Example root issues can be feelings of failure, powerlessness, aloneness / disconnection, not good enough, undeserving etc.  As we peel off the emotional layers within the treatment, the deeper, more core layers reveal themselves and at this level the treatment often speaks to us and enables our own healing.  However this may not be the full story of how this process works!


Dates & Booking


EFT Group Healing Circle Location 2 Love Lane, Kings Langley Hertfordshire WD4 9HN  01923 260 050 Free the first time you come along