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EFT & Family Constellations Workshop Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, UK


EFT Kings Langley, Learn EFT in Hertfordshire

Family Constellations Herts, North London

The Love Lane Healing Space
Love Lane
Kings Langley


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Please Pay Below (or call 01923 260 050 with your card) Please complete the details, including which workshop option(s) you are paying for (E.g. Level 1 A and B). s Healing the Ancestral Roots of Our Issues With EFT and Family Constellations


EFT and Family Constellations - a Powerful Synergy

Anyone who has experienced EFT or Family Constellations will know that each of these individually are powerful healing modalities.  However when they are brought together they work as a synergy, with EFT making the process smoother, gentler and more efficient.

What is Family Constellations?

One way to explain family constellations is this: If you have a headache and go to the doctor, the doctor will (more often than not) take into account just your head. If you go to a holistic therapist eg homeopath, acupuncturist etc, they will take into account your whole body. If you go to someone who had family constellations or similar in their tool kit, they will take the whole family and ancestry into account.

In a family constellation process (of which there will be four on this day) there are three parties (plus the facilitator Tamara Donn). Everyone benefits, whatever role you may have.

  1. One Issue Holder. This is the individual whose issue we will be working on.
  2. One or more Representatives.  These are those who the Issue Holder asks to represent family members.  This is always optional.  If you are picked but do not wish to take the role, just simply turn it down and someone else will be chosen. Representatives may also end up representing certain entities, such as “money” or “surrender” or “country of origin”.
  3. Space Holders.  These are everyone else in the room.  This role can be a deeply healing and powerful personal experience and often individuals may feel they wish to give useful feedback (when asked) during or after the completion of the process.

How Does the Process Work?

The idea is that there is something called the Knowing Field - it is like a field of intelligence that holds information about the complete family, including ancestors.  As strange as this may seem, as participants step into the field they pick up the feelings, emotions and thoughts of the individual (or group) they are representing.  This brings to light hidden aspects, tendencies and other information which, when transformed with Healing Sentences and EFT can lead to deep healing.

What to Expect Through the Day - More Detail

Each issue holder gets a turn to do a work in his/ her issue which lasts about 1 hour. He/ she will be asked to invite workshop participants to represent family members or various aspects of the problem (called representatives).

The Issue Holder is then invited to place the representatives where they felt they needed to stand. Each representative is then asked to share what they are feeling and, if it felt appropriate are guided to move to other positions or to say various healing sentences to other representatives or to tap on the feelings. Towards the end of each constellation, the issue holder will be asked to take the place of the person representing them.

Issue holders report that by the end of the process, they feel better or lighter in some way – it might have been a feeling of resolution of the problem, insights into the bigger picture, a shift in perspective or a deeper understanding for other family members being represented. Sometimes the other people being represented change as a result of this process whether they are aware of it or not. The feelings and insights often continue after the session is finished.

During the day we will work with 4 Issue Holders each of whom have booked in advance to be an issue holder.

See a video of Tamara Donn presenting EFT and family constellations at the AMT Conference.

Feedback from Previous Workshops

Honestly, it was amazing, such deep healing going on in me and through me. Feeling so honoured to be a part of it all. “ Rachael Posener, Reflexologist

 "Having spent a few occasions under Tamara's guidance with family constellations, it has always been an utterly fascinating process. Each time, I have been a representative, which meant I have cried other's tears and felt other's feelings, it's always been a very powerful experience. Last week, however, I was the issue holder and my word, this incredible process succeeded in shifting a belief that was so deeply held that I didn't even realise it was there! The intensity of the experience was very gently facilitated by Tamara, who skilfully knew what questions to ask, when to ask them, all the time creating an atmosphere of safety, so that emotions were allowed to flow. If that wasn't powerful enough, the knock on effect to family members not even in the room with us was phenomenal. A deeply healing journey, held in experienced, kind and gifted hands." Leora Leboff

I just can't believe this so many changes with my mother happened after I did the constellation yesterday... or maybe I can. Amazing! Really amazing!” RP

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your presentation and to thank you for allowing me to be your demo:) I got a lot from it and I think the others did too. It’s a really powerful tool and it made it so easy and gentle to get into deep stuff." Jacqui Crook, EFT Master

The Saturday afternoon Session you led, on the subject of Family Constellations, was a remarkable and far-reaching experience.  Being entirely new to The AMT (a matter of a few weeks, with this being my 1st Conference), I arrived with a slightly closed mind. Your Session helped to clear it in a very real way. Never before have I faced my Father (a man I did not know, and only became aware of his actual identity shortly before his death). In your Session I really did. And it raised certain "pass-through" issues in a very vivid way. Certain things suddenly became an insight (and this at my age of 59!). It almost felt he and I were side-by-side”. Anon.

Thank you so much for the session.  It was truly amazing.  I can’t tell you how good I feel now”. [Note this was a modified use of family constellations within a session].  I thought I knew what was coming because I’ve had a good EFT session with another practitioner releasing miscarriage trauma but I was not expecting quite such an amazing session” [Note this was a modified use of family constellations within a session].  I found you to be very intuitive and gentle and using EFT combined with the Family Constellation method was a really effective and frankly extraordinary mix.  I suppose I thought it might be all fluffy nonsense but the impact is unquestionable – it really has made a significant and immediate difference to how I am feeling and my general energy levels.  It is hard to see how saying some words and tapping on different points can do anything at all but I know it did because I felt the changes and I still feel the benefits.  All the good things from the session are still gently reverberating inside me.  My love for my son has definitely increased or rather my connection to it.  I feel much more compassionate and patient with him.

I’ve been away this weekend with my parents and one of my brothers and his family and it has been a lovely time.  I have felt free to enjoy them all and let anything frustrating, annoying or unhelpful to me just wash over me.  I didn’t realise all this army stuff was going on inside me but now that its out I can see how it has been effecting me.  With all the centenary memories of the first world war there are a lot of reminders all around of war, particularly in my parents home as my father is very involved in writing histories of the war.  I found looking at some of the photos and such like this weekend very moving in a helpful way.  I feel connected with the sadness of warfare but not dominated by it.

“I had a moment with my son where I think I would have been angry with him a week ago but this time I found myself defending him, protecting him as he let a cascade of typical 3 year old emotion wash over him rather than being impatient or angry with him.  It felt really good and his little face afterwards looking at me with such love was really special.  A little later he tracked me down across the house saying ” I have something important to say to you Mummy.  I love you from top to bottom!”  It was so sweet.  I really felt he’d observed a change in me and was responding to it.  If I have no other benefits from EFT and your priceless session, this little moment was worth everything.  And to be honest, I am sure I will get more and more from EFT.”  HH


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