EFT Courses from The EFT Training Centre

Here at The EFT Training Centre we offer comprehensive EFT courses to help you understand how these emotional freedom techniques can be put them into practice, and how to get quick results. Our EFT courses are ideal for both self-help enthusiasts as well as professional therapists, and with a range of courses on offer you'll be able to find one that totally meets your needs. And, with our EFT training courses being AAMET-accredited you could go on from our workshops to be a fully accredited practitioner of emotional freedom techniques (EFT) - the choice is yours, and thanks to our high standard of training you can be confident that you'll have all the skills necessary to take you down any path you choose to travel.

How our EFT Training Courses Work

Our training courses can give you a comprehensive grounding into all the core skills necessary to make Emotional Freedom Techniques work for you.  Although the theory is covered, practical experience is of utmost importance and ensures you go home with the skills necessary to put EFT into practice immediately, in your daily life.  You'll be taught how to use EFT tapping to help you overcome times of stress and anxiety, and you'll even be able to use EFT on friends and family – subject to their agreement!   Our EFT training courses cover a range of different subjects and there are several courses available depending on your experience and requirements, and with both in-house and external courses being on offer you'll easily get the EFT training that you need to progress.

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