EFT Tapping – Leading the Way in Emotional Freedom Techniques

The transformation techniques we offer focuses on a technique known as EFT tapping. The theory behind EFT tapping is that most of the body's negative emotions and ailments are the result of a disruption in its energy system, and by routinely tapping on certain acupressure areas of the body any blockage will be released so energy can flow freely again.  As this happens, negative and upsetting feelings and blocks dissolve and release.  The effects on traumas and upsetting past events are usually permanent.  EFT tapping can be effectively used to restore balance to the body and has been known to help with phobias, emotional trauma, insomnia and even depression, and once specific EFT tapping techniques are learnt it can be used to relieve a large variety of ailments.   Its users are continuously surprised at how quickly this often happens.

That's what's so great about EFT;  Emotional Freedom Techniques can be used to great effect in daily life. They're not something that has to be restricted to the therapist's office because EFT tapping can be used in a range of external situations, and once Emotional Freedom Techniques is learnt it can be used again and again. But, the only way you're going to really know how to put these emotional freedom techniques into practice is if you go on EFT training courses to help you learn the theory and practice behind it, and that's why you need to come to us.