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About the EFT Training Centre

Peter Donn EFT Practitioner Hertfordshire LondonOur trainer Peter Donn has been interested in the personal empowerment field for over two decades, and has been using EFT full time for the past decade, with many thousands of hours experience in the field working with individuals on a huge variety of different issues and conditions.

He is an AAMET Accredited Master Trainer and Advanced Practitioner, AMT-accredited EFT Master Trainer and Practitioner and an EFT Universe trainer and expert EFT practitioner.  He has been trained personally by the creator of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Roger Callahan, on which EFT was based.  He has also been taught personally by EFT’s creator Gary Craig (EFT’s founder, who was also taught by Roger Callahan!).  He admits he never stops learning!

Peter is a contributory author to the Clinical EFT Handbook: A Definitive Resource for Practitioners, Scholars, Clinicians & Researchers, available on Amazon.

Peter is therefore ideally placed to offer you the best possible training experience and is fully committed to ensure you leave the training feeling confident to apply EFT to every aspect of your lives that you would like to improve.  Choose a trainer who can really answer your most difficult questions and help with challenging cases.

In the role of practitioner, Peter treats using a variety of techniques such as psycho-kinesiology (a use of muscle testing), body focussing and his creation Root-Cause Healing Therapy and has experience and certifications in many other treatment systems.  His consultation web site is www.london-eft.co.uk.  He is a Metamedicine Health Coach.  Metamedicine is a way of finding specific emotional traumas that have been found to be strongly connected to specific physical conditions and organs.

Tamara Donn is  an AAMET-Accredited Master Trainer.  As well as working with the myriad of conditions and issues that EFT can help with, and often integrates elements of Family Constellation Therapy into her private work.  She also uses Picture tapping and Matrix Re-imprinting. Tamara is a childbirth mentor and specialises in such areas as fertility, birth trauma and menstruation issues. She has been using EFT for the past 8 years and has been qualified as a practitioner for 5 years.  Tamara offers private consultations for women - see her web site: www.transformationforwomen.co.uk.

Please email your enquiries to info@eft-courses.org.uk or fill in the form below.

The EFT Training Centre has been running accredited EFT trainings since 2007 and is run by EFT Masters Peter Donn and Tamara Donn.  Trainings are run by either or both of our trainers depending on location and workshop numbers.

We aim to create a deep and powerful experience on each workshop.  Participants regularly tell us they have experienced the deepest connection between participants they have ever experienced on any workshop.

All attendees of our courses have ongoing access to our private facebook support group where they can ask their questions, arrange swaps, share their successes and challenges.

We have extensive and refined knowledge of  EFT and teach subtleties you wont hear about on other trainings.  Peter Donn has trained with Dr Roger Callahan, the originator of “Tapping” from which EFT creator Gary Craig also learned tapping. Peter has also trained directly with Gary on specialist trainings.  Peter is a contributory author to the book: “The Clinical EFT Handbook Volume 1”.

Join us for a powerful and life-changing experience.

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